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Brightwell 3 Day Sale

Brightwell aquarium products are quickly becoming our favorite line of media, salt, and supplements. This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we will be offering Brightwell products at 40% off. Brightwell’s Neo Marine Salt will be 10% off. If we run out of any item we will sell rain checks and fill your order later next week. This offer is good in our Brick & Mortar store only. Sorry online customers, our web store prices are already discounted.

As an added bonus, every customer who stops in and makes a purchase will get a free raffle ticket and be entered into a drawing to win an Algae Free Sure Flow 1600 MaxiJet Mod Kit. This kit significantly increases the output of any MaxiJet Powerhead. We will draw ten winners and prizes will be limited to one per customer. Huge thanks to Algae Free for donating these prizes!

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