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Innovative Marine Nuvo Nanos In-Stock

The Innovative Marine Nuvo Nano/Pico systems arrived today! These are pretty sweet tanks. They include LED lights and a pretty snazzy filtration set up. These are not on our website yet, but we can arrange shipping. Just call or email. For specifications, pictures, and pricing read on.








  •  SkkyeLight LED Illumination
  •  6 mm Bent Glass
  •  Tempered Glass Lid & Clips
  •  Acrylic PedestalAcrylic Filter Wall w/ Overflow
  •  Media Basket
  •  Mechanical Sponge
  •  Activated Carbon Sponge
  •  Phosphate Sponge
  •  Flare Nozzle
  •  Designated Heater Column

4 gallon, 1 black and 1 white – Comes with 4w LED – $150

8 gallon, 1 white – Comes with 8w LED – $200
16 gallon, 1 white – Comes with 2 x 8w LEDs – $350

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