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Maxspect LED Light Special

We just received a bunch of Maxspect G2-160 LED Units. They retail for $579.99, which is MAP pricing. We will be giving anyone who purchases one a $50 gift certificate good towards corals. One certificate per LED unit, while supplies last. This offer is good at our brick-and-mortar location only. If you are interested in having one shipped please email us.


2 30w 16000k LED’s
14 3W 12000k LED’s
14 3w Royal Blue LED’s (445-460nm)
4 3w Violet(403nm)
4 1w Moonlight LED’s

3 Channel Lighting Timer
Lamp-Temp indicator
Over-Temp Protection
Hanging Kit
Tank Mount Kit
Measures 16″ x 7.25″ x 2.5″

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