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Common Cleaner Wrasse

Common Cleaner Wrasse
Common Cleaner Wrasse

Please be aware that because Cleaner Wrasses have such a poor record of survival we do not stock them very frequently. If we are out of stock we will contact you to let you know if, and how quickly we can get one. You will have the option to wait until we receive one or we can refund this part, or all of your order.

Labroides dimidiatus are found dispersed throughout the waters of the Indo Pacific region. These quick little fish are a favorite of aquarium fish and curators alike. In the wild, the Cleaner Wrasse will establish a cleaning station where other fish wait in line for their turn to have parasites removed from their bodies. The Wrasse is receiving a meal in trade. In the home aquarium, live brine and mysid shrimp should be offered as a supplemental source of food. For the home aquarium, Cleaner Shrimp and Neon Gobies are highly recommended as a hardier natural cleaner choice. (Fire Shrimp and Coral Banded Shrimp may also have some effectiveness as cleaners.) Cleaner Wrasses are traditionally difficult to get established in home aquaria and are not reccomended for beginners.

Price: $11.99
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