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Copperband Butterfly

Copperband Butterfly
Copperband Butterfly
SKU: 6500
Chelmon rostratus 2"-3" (Indo-Pacific)
Price: $29.99
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This is a difficult fish to keep. It is best housed in very large reefs, or in peaceful community tanks. It should be kept singly, not with conspecifics or similar butterflyfish, and should not be kept with any stress-inducing fish. Caution should be exercised if housing these fish in a reef aquarium. They may pick on invertebrates, especially anemones and feather dusters. They are an excellent fish when used to control aiptasia, or glass anemones, in the reef aquarium. The Copperband Butterflyfish is a difficult fish to feed; it is a shy and deliberate feeder that may need a variety of foods offered to it in order to start feeding. Mysis shrimp, bloodworms, steamer clams, and prawn roe are all suggested. This fish is sensitive to copper.