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Reef Fishes Vol 1

Reef Fishes Vol 1
Reef Fishes Vol 1
By: Scott W. Michael
This is the definitive work on the dazzling fishes of the world's coral reefs, especially those of interest to marine aquarists.

This first volume of a long-anticipated three-volume set covers reef environments, fish behaviour, anatomy, taxonomy, and evolution, with hundreds of species accounts and world-class photographs.

A much-needed reference for aquarists, as well as for divers and coral reef naturalists, this authoritative account includes more than 800 species photographs.

Scott W. Michael is an underwater photographer widely regarded as one of the world's foremost authorities on the behaviour and husbandry of reef fishes in aquarium systems.

He is a regular contributor to Aquarium Fish Magazine and has served as a scientific consultant to National Geographic Explorer and the Discovery Channel.
Price: $54.99
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