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2013 Anniversary Sale Specials

Barrier Reef's 7th Anniversary Sale
-Anniversary Specials & Limited Stock Door Busters-
(This is a partial list. We will be adding to it right up to the sale.)
Available @ Our Brick & Mortar Location Only!

Limited Stock Door Busters - No Rainchecks

Carpet Anemone $19.99
Sm/Md Sebae Anemone $14.99
Evergreen Stag Frags $9.99
Turquoise Stag Frags $9.99
BRA Ziggy Stardust Montipora Frag $29.99
Tri Color Acropora Frag $9.99
Hollywood Stunner Chalice Frags $9.99
ORA Red Planet Acro Frags $29.99
Mexican Turbo Snail $1.00
Small Green Chromis $.99
All Brands In-Stock Nano Tanks 10% Off (Innovative Marine, CAD, AquaPro, Aqueon, Fluval, & Ecoxotic)
Berghia Nudibranch $11.99
Thrive Supplements 60% Off
Mag-Drive Pumps 30% Off
Many More To Come!

Specials - Rainchecks Offered

Instant Ocean 160 Gallon Mix Salt Buckets $34.99!!
Reef Crystals 160 Gallon Mix Salt Buckets $39.99!!
Kent 200 Gallon Mix Salt Box $39.99!!
All Livestock (Fish/Corals/Inverts) 30% Off - Live Rock Excluded
Barrier Reef's Refractometer (NEW PRODUCT!) $29.99!
Barrier Reef's 100GPD Deluxe RO/DI $169.99
RO/DI Sediment, Carbon, DI Loose, DI Color Change Cartridge - All Replacement Filters 25% Off
Select Fiji Live Rock 3.99/LB
FHI Real Reef Rock 5.99/LB (Shelf/Branch Excluded)
Sailfin Tangs $14.99
Coral Beauty Angel $14.99
Astraea Snail $.59
Emerald Crab $2.99
Feather Duster $3.99
Coral Banded Shrimp $5.99
Algae Blenny $7.99
Blue Leg Hermit Med $.49
Peppermint Shrimp $3.49
Original/Herbivore Rod's Foods Buy 3 Packs For $50
Dainichi Pellet Food 20% Off
BRA Glue Products 25% Off
BSI - IC Gel $4.99
Fauna Marin Consumables 20% Off
Elos Test Kits & Consumables 25% Off
Eshopps Frag Racks 30% Off
TLF 550 Phosban Reactor $69.99
TLF 150 Phosban Reactor $39.99
API Reef & Saltwater Master Test Kits 30% Off
Hagen Digital Thermometer $9.99
Phoenix DE 14K 150w/250w Halide Bulbs $59.99
Reed Mariculture Reef Nutrition Foods 20% Off
All CoralVue Halide Bulbs 30% Off
CaribSea Substrates 30% Off
Hydor Koralia Evo/Pico 30% Off
Giesemann T-5 Bulbs 25% Off
ATI T-5 Bulbs 25% Off
UVL (URI) VHO Bulbs 25% Off
Complete Seachem Line Including AquaVitro 30% Off (Salt Excluded)
Hikari 3.5 Oz Cubed Frozen Foods 30% Off
Brightwell Aquatics 30% Off (Salt Excluded)
Octopus Protein Skimmers 15% Off Limited to stock on hand. No special orders.
Coral Rx Dip Single Shots 30% Off
Cobalt Powerheads 25% Off
Vertex Bio Pellets 30% Off
Marineland Rimless Cube Tanks w/ and w/o overflow boxes, Deep Dimension Tanks, and Furniture All On Sale (Prices Posted @ Sale)
Many More To Come!

-Online-Only Specials Good Nov. 2 Through November 10th-
Available Through Our Website Only!

 Turquoise Stag Frag $19.99
ORA German Blue Polyp Acropora Frag $49.99
Astraea Snail $.59 each
Elos Test Kits 25% Off
Bubble Magus Curve Protein Skimmers 10%-14% Off
Bubble Magus T01 Dosing Pump $279.99
BSI IC Gel Frag Glue $4.99
Barrier Reef's Refractometer $29.99
TMC V2 O3 Ozonizer $229.99
Hydor Koralia Evolution and Pico Evos 20% Off
Sea Side Aquatics Bio Pellet Reactors 10% Off

More Online Specials Will Be Added Shortly...

In store pick up will not be available during the sale for internet orders.

We cannot hold livestock during the sale. This includes items that you pay for during the sale. Everything must be taken at the time of purchase. It is just too difficult for us to keep track of everything on hold, when its as busy as our sales are.
-Anniversary Sale Raffle Drawings-

Our Anniversary raffles always seem to be a big hit. This year we are having two different raffle categories, with the possibility of a third being added later.

1. Five Grand Prize Gift Bag Drawings - Tickets are four for $20 or ten for $40 and can be divided amongst the five drawings as you prefer. These tickets will be on sale at the event and are only good for these drawings. You can purchase tickets over the phone or in our store until 5pm Sunday November 3rd. We can ship this prize anywhere inside the US in case someone from out of the area wins. Shipping shouldn't be more than $10-$15 and would be paid by the winner if they need it shipped.

2. $2 Raffle - Tickets are $2ea, 6 for $10, or 15 for $20. Everyone who makes a purchase also gets a free ticket for this raffle grouping.

-Grand Prize Drawings-

There are five deluxe gift bags. Each bag has a different feature prize and a whole bunch of other goodies. Most of what is inside these bags will be a surprise, but the feature prize they contain is listed below. You can distribute your raffle tickets amongst the drawings however you prefer.

1. Pair of ticket to the Seahawks vs. Rams game on December 29th. Sec 339 Row JJ Seats 11/12 + $50 American Express Gift Card to get your tailgating started!

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Tablet - White

3. Apple iPod Nano 16GB - Slate Grey

4. Custom Tuned EverGrow IT2040 LED Light

5. Prize Still TBD - Waiting on confirmation

-$2 Raffle Prizes-

$50 Barrier Reef Gift Certificate - 2 Prizes
SPS Frag 4 Pack - 2 Prizes
California Blue Tort - 1 Prize
Favia Frag 3 Pack - 1 Prize
Chalice Frag 3 Pack - 1 Prize
Pink Lemonade Acropora Frag - 1 Prize
Hydor Koralia Reef Kit Smartwave Controller w/ 2x Koralia 425 - 1 Prize
CoralVue 6x39w T-5 Fixture - 1 Prize
Seachem Aquavitro 350ml Each 7 Product Set - 1 Prize
Seachem Reef Fusion Part 1 & 2 500ml Each - 1 Prize
Thrive Refill Bags 600ml Each Calcium, Alk, Mag - 1 Prize
Tunze 6015 - 1 Prize
ATI T5 4 Bulb Set (You Choose Size/Colors) - 1 Prize
IC Gel Frag Glue 6 Pack - 1 Prize
Hagen Fluval Spec V Nano Tank White - 1 Prize
$60 Cleaner Crew Package (your choice Astraea, Blue Leg Hermits, Emerald Crabs, Peppermints, Ceriths) - 1 Prize

Just a start to the list. Many more to come...

- Barrier Reef Gift Bags-

On Saturday Nov. 2 the first 50 customers, and Sunday Nov. 3 the first 30 customers, (limit one per household for the entire event) will receive Barrier Reef Gift Bags. The other 20 bags are being given away at the dinner/speaker event. Each gift bag will contain a variety of free items, coupons, and special offers. Every gift bag will not be the same. Some will have bonus prizes and/or gift certificates. We are working hard with our manufacturers to make these really special. Hopefully, the element of surprise adds to the fun!

Last year it was reported that people were abusing the one per household rule with the gift bags. We ask that you please abide by these rules so that as many folks as possible can enjoy this opportunity.

No products have been assigned to this category.