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4 - Lamp 2 - Lunar T5 HO 30"

4 - Lamp 2 - Lunar T5 HO 30"
4 - Lamp 2 - Lunar T5 HO 30"
SKU: 420151
T5 HO (high output) light fixture with 420/460 nm, 10,000K, and lunar LED lights.
  • Timer controls 420/460, 10,000K and lunar LED lights independently.
  • Adjustable width aquarium frame mounts support fixture above aquarium.
  • Single power cord makes it easy to mount on the aquarium or suspend from above.
  • German-made specially angled reflector maximizes light by directing it into the aquarium.
  • Suspension ports allow connection to optional cable for various mounting configurations.
  •  Rated Voltage: 120 Volt AC 
  • Rated Cycle: 60 Hz 
  • Power Factor: 0.55
  • Input Current: 1.27 Amp
  • Total Wattage: 96W
  • Tc: Max 167º F
  • Power Cord Length: 2 meters
Price: $329.99
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