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48" x2 150W HID x2 T5HO x4 LED Lunar Fixture

48" x2 150W HID  x2 T5HO x4 LED Lunar Fixture
48" x2 150W HID x2 T5HO x4 LED Lunar Fixture
SKU: 4200056
Light fixture containing directional 150W metal halide 10,000K HID lamps while providing actinic/blue light with 420/460 nm T5 HO lamps and adjustable LED lunar light.
▪ HID vertical mount and reflector design intensify light output from 150W 10,000K lamp.
▪ Programmable timer creates a Circadian Cycle for fish and corals and functions as an on/off switch for all lamps.
▪ German made specially angled T5 HO reflectors maximize 420/460 nm light by directing it into the aquarium.
▪ Adjustable width aquarium frame mounts support fixture above the aquarium.
▪ Included adjustable suspension hardware supports fixture from overhead.
▪ LED housings pivot 40 degrees allowing lunar light to be directed over specific areas of the aquarium.
▪ Internal electronic ballasts designed to cool without fans for quiet operation.
▪ Aluminum housings used to dissipate heat away from fixture.
▪ Rated Voltage: 120 Volt AC
▪ Total Input Current: 3.61A
▪ Rated Cycle: 60 Hz
▪ Total Wattage: 411W
▪ Power Factor (HID): 0.99
▪ Power Factor (T5 HO): 0.59
▪ Input Current (HID): 1.3A
▪ Input Current (T5 HO): 1.56A
▪ Harmonic Distortion (HID): <9%
▪ Tc (T5 HO): Max 167ยบ F
▪ Output Waveform (HID): 150Hz, Square Wave
▪ Power Cord Length: 3 meters
▪ ANSI Code (HID): M81
Price: $879.99
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