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Acan LED 600-48B

Acan LED 600-48B
Acan LED 600-48B
Acan LED 600-48B
Acan LED 600-48B
Acan LED 600-48B
Acan LED 600-48B
Acan LED 600-48B
Acan LED 600-48B
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SKU: 600-48B
600 Series LED
Price: $1,199.00
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Our 600 Series features an advanced programmable controller with light intensity control, giving you the ultimate flexibility to create a fully customized lighting setup. All hardware for ceiling hanging and tank mounting is included with each fixture.

Now with White, Blue and Royal Blue!

Case: Black aluminum housing
Size: L48" x W8" x H1.3"
Power: 2000W
Voltage: 110V AC

• Adjustable width tank mounts and Pendant mounts are included
• Energy saving & environmentally responsible
• Heat dissipation is handled passively through the heat-sink
• Heat is radiated away from the tank reducing or eliminating the need for chillers
• LED bulb life expectancy up to 50,000 hours (5+ years)
• No UV or IR damage to light sensitive items
• PC / VHO / T5 / MH replacement

Intensity proven to grow the most light demanding corals
Special blend of LED's to bring out vivid colors
Multi chip moon light creates astounding shimmering effect

Sleek 1 1/2" profile built to last
Modular design able to fit any size tank
Adjustable hanging kit and mounting options


Built in user-friendly controller
Fully adjustable intensity control
Advanced multi-stage programming from dawn to dusk


The most efficient high intensity LED, only consuming 50W per foot.
Complete replacement of 250W MH
Special design elements to maximize longevity and efficiency


Friendly knowledgeable staff are readily available to assist.
Peer reviewed and endorsed by industry experts and hobbyists worldwide.