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Algae Free Great White Magnet

Algae Free Great White Magnet
Algae Free Great White Magnet

New and Revolutionary Cleaning Magnets! These are the strongest floating aquarium algae cleaning magnets available that are safe for glass and acrylic aquariums.

Qualities of our floating aquarium algae magnets:

  • New larger cleaning area (4" x 2") for faster cleaning of aquarium walls.
  • New even stronger "rare earth magnets" for super cleaning power.
  • Outer magnetic assembly made out of solid oak, cut and professionally finished with a golden oak finish.
  • True cleaning strength!
  • Replaceable natural felt pads on outer assembly are glass and acrylic safe -- no need for separate pads.
  • Medical grade Velcro glass scrubbing pad and acrylic safe pad holder that is non-toxic and aquaria safe.
  • Replaceable inner scrubbing pads for superior product life.

Great White (non-floating):

  • Aquarium Thickness: glass = 3/4" & 1"; acrylic = 3/4" & 1"
  • Aquarium Size: 300-600 gal
Price: $134.99
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