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Black Leopard Wrasse

Black Leopard Wrasse
Black Leopard Wrasse
SKU: 2001
Macropharyngodon negrosensis Black Leopard Wrasse
Price: $39.99
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The Black Leopard Wrasse or Yellowspotted Wrasse is occasionally seen in the aquarium trade but it is not a fish for the inexperienced. They are wonderful, peaceful community fish that can even be housed with others of the same genus. This is also one of the few wrasses that can be kept with its own species. In both cases however, they get along if the mix is all females with just one male. Due to their specialized eating habits and nature, these wrasses should only be attempted by advanced aquarists as they are very difficult to keep. They are not forgiving and can end up deceased in a short period of time after being added to your tank. The Leopard Wrasses have a variety of curious behaviors. They are on Indo-Pacific time, so don’t freak if their sleeping habits are a little odd at first. Burrowing into the sand is their favorite sleeping arrangement. Some say you can set your watch by their bedtime! In the morning, they poke their head out to make sure the coast is clear and then they will fully emerge. When first emerging, they will be a little on the loopy side until they get their bearing, up to 10 minutes later. Throughout the day they are constantly foraging for food on live rock. We have had great success with frozen mysis shrimp, prawn roe, and Ocean Nutrition Formula foods.