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Bob Moore Blue Acropora loisetteae

Bob Moore Blue Acropora loisetteae
Bob Moore Blue Acropora loisetteae
SKU: 110
1.5"-2" Acropora loisetteae BRA AquaCulture
Price: $39.99
Availability: Currently Out of Stock
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This coral is a stunning blue staghorn which made its way north from Steve Tyree and through a couple of our local customers until it finally landed here in our collection thanks to Bob Moore. Bob's tank had to be taken down after 13+ years of growth. To this day, we still believe his aquarium to be the best representation of a shallow reef we have seen. We want to send a special thanks to Bob Moore and Dan Martinez for allowing us to share this amazing coral with the country. The color can develope into many shades of blue depending on lighting and tank conditions. We have also seen it turn green and keep its tips blue under higher nutrient situations.