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CAD Euro Pico 4 Gallon

CAD Euro Pico 4 Gallon
CAD Euro Pico 4 Gallon
4 Gallon
Price: $129.99
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*2013 Design features, Now with New Full water tight sealed filtration, Extra thick Acrylic, improved filtration media and filter system.*

Our new line of Euro style Pico systems offer the latest technology in the reefing hobby packed into a Pico sized tank. Our New Mini Series aquariums offer the latest in LED lighting design where it features an extra large lighting surface to deliver an even and consistent supply of beneficial light for the reef. The light is designed to be both beneficial as much as it is to be a Contemporary styled piece of art that blends seamlessly with the aquarium. The Mini Series tank design uses the latest techniques of glass bending where it bends the corners into 90 degrees while the rest of the tank is a flat surface giving you a seamless look with zero distortion. These two features combine both of our tank designs of the Artisan series with its linear design and the Signature series with its Seamless design.


*Modern Slim Profile LED lighting system 3.8W. Triple Panel LED bands with 3000 LUX/Fc @6" of light output equivalent to 24W of T5HO.

* Tank dimensions are 10" x 10" x 11"

* Multi-chambered Reef filtration system

* 100% Acrylic filtration for a true deep black background.

*  75GPH pump for a turn-over rate of 18X.

* NEW Linear + Seamless design.

*High Starphire glass Clarity seamless single panel.