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CherryAqua iNano Clamp-On LED Version 1.5

CherryAqua iNano Clamp-On LED Version 1.5
CherryAqua iNano Clamp-On LED Version 1.5
Clamp-On LED
Price: $149.99
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18 Watt Clamp-On LED. Can grow SPS in up to 16" of water. Good coverage over 12"x12". Two channel adjustable intensity on white and royal blue CREE LEDs.


When you browse the Details Tab, the information included there is the product information provided by the manufacturer. It has been brought to our attention that, while the iNano has all the features mentioned, the manner in which they function may not be presented clearly. The manufacturer has attempted to provide an affordable clamp-on LED with as many extra features as possible. In order to keep costs reasonable, they may not work the same as a more expensive option like the Aqua Illuminations Nano Sol. Please read the bullet points below for clarification.

  • If you use an appliance timer you cannot simulate sunrise/sunset. Instead, it is a "hard" on/off. Since there is only one cord, the whites and blues will both turn off/on at the same time. There is no integrated programmable timer in this light.
  • To use the sunrise/sunset feature you must manually turn the light on/off using their switch.
  • The moonlight feature requires you to manually control the white channel.


  • No beeping sound during sunrise/sunset feature
  • Royal blue LED have been used to replace the regular blues

CherryAqua-iNANO, innovative next generation aquarium light, provides the correct intensity of light and the right spectral output needed to maintain a reef aquarium and plant tank/ fish-only tank. It is designed for both Marine NANO & freshwater NANO tank ( planted tanks, tropical aquariums, reefs, corals, Cichlid, Discuss, invertebrates, and small fish too) . Each LED is covered with the specially designed reflector to maximize the light penetration and to give a shimmer effect, which mimics the natural environment. LED's life is approximately 50,000 hours. It has the 3-touch button switch, which produces daytime to lunar phases for night time. It also has the dimming features on White and Blue light, which enables a user to create any intensity and color temperature settings, starting from 6,000K to 25,000K as you wish, including moon light.

CherryAqua-iNANO is developed not only to give the perfect light for nano tanks, but also to take advantage of the advanced eco-friendly LED technology where the essential lights with the right wavelengths needed for plants/fish help create the most natural underwater environment, like their natural habitats so that it gets optimized for the living creatures in the aquarium for photosynthesis, growing, spawning, and reproduction.



In LED lighting, the most important part is which brand LEDs it is used in the fixture. CherryAqua-iNANO uses CREE high power LEDs to simulate natural conditions. CREE is one of the leaders in LEDs manufacturers located in the US and is well-known for producing one of the most reliable LEDs in the world. With the LEDs from CREE, you don't have to worry about its life and quality at all.



The BEST thing about CherryAqua-NANO is-
EASY-TO-USE & MAINTAIN, simple, and intuitive!
With the state-of-art ergonomic design from Cherrylumi, i nstallation takes only less than 5 MINUTES. Setting up your aquarium lighting is now joyful, fun, and easy. Everyone can use it with ease!



CherryAqua-iNANO uses only LEDs as the lighting source so that it is GREEN and SAFE, Eco-Friendly product. Also it doesn't do any harm to plants/fish and doesn't produce UV (Ultra-Violet) ray and Infrared light. SEALED and WATER-RESISTANT CASING and a low voltage DC power supply makes CherryAqua-iNANO easy and safe to use in all conditions. It surely can save the Earth and reduce carbon emission



One of the features that a user wants to see from LED aquarium lighting is a SHIMMER EFFECT. For the optimum illumination and the efficient light output, CherryAqua-iNANO is developed and deployed the new cutting-edge reflector. The new reflectors guide light without losing and wasting to the sides, enabling to give a natural shimmer effect. It provides light for plant/coral/algae growth and for your viewing pleasure too.



CherryAqua-iNANO is operated digitally, enabling to take advantages of LED technology fully. The most prominent feature of all is DIMMING. It offers INTENSITY LEVEL SETTINGS for blue & white light, which simulates the natural cycle of the sun/moon designing your lighting set-up made easy! With "WHITE" & "BLUE" touch buttons, a user can have of benefits from the 30 different levels of the light intensities (WHITE-30 Level, BLUE-30 Level), resulting in 900 combination of blue & white light levels. The starting level is the maximum intensity of the light (the brightest level).



For simulating the glow of the moon over your aquarium, CherryAqua-iNANO is developed the moon light feature by utilizing full advantages of LED technology. This feature in CherryAqua-iNANO makes your aquarium inhabitants live in an environment as natural as possible, creating the optimal living condition for days as well as nights. Since it offers the MOONLIGHT FEATURE, now many reefs/corals or fish or any species in your aquarium are actually able to grow, breed, spawn, and even begin their reproductive cycles just like it happens under the influence of the moon light in nature. ※ The moon light can be done by switching off the white light.



Every time CherryAqua-iNANO is turned on, it automatically starts SUNRISE EFFECT, FADE-IN (AUTOMATIC FEATURE) ; it slowly turns on for about Max. 15 minutes. The time to take to fully turn on depends on BLUE & WHITE Level. Also, every time CherryAqua-iNANO is turned off, it automatically starts SUNSET EFFECT, FADE-OUT (AUTOMATIC FEATURE) ; it slowly turns off for about Max. 9 min. The time to take to completely turn off depends on BLUE & WHITE Level. (Nothing has to be done for this too)



CherryAqua-iNANO enables a user to have a WIDE RANGE of color temperature according to the needs for his/her aquarium set ups. You don't need to buy another light for having different color temperature. It gives you what you need with this light! Incorporated a HIGH PAR light system, it can grow Acropora in a nano tank. Powerful 18 watts LED light gives you sufficient intensity of light as well as the right PAR ratings.


The wall mounting offers an extensive range of mounting options for your tanks up to 10mm (= 0.4 inch) in thickness-wise. Also the adjustable head gives light unit to be controlled freely, enabling a user to be convenient in cleaning or feeding too. CherryAqua-iNANO is intended to be mounted close to the aquarium surface for optimum and efficient light management & output since it doesn't give off a lot of heat to the surface of your tanks.