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Digital Aquatics (ES) Expansion Socket

Digital Aquatics (ES) Expansion Socket
Digital Aquatics (ES) Expansion Socket
Price: $49.99
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Increased Power Handling
The Expansion Socket is useful for expanding your system beyond the 15A limit of a power controller. It also allows you to use your ReefKeeper to control higher current devices such as chillers and multiple lights on a single channel. The devices controlled by the expansion socket do not affect the power budget of the ReefKeeper. The expansion socket can supply up to 15A (10A inductive) to one or more devices. Power is supplied to the Expansion Socket through a 15A Wall bug style plug directly on the module enclosure.
Quick Setup
Control of the Expansion Socket is handled by the ReefKeeper via a two prong control line (3') that is plugged into one of the ReefKeeper channels. Program your ReefKeeper with the functionality you desire, then plug in your Expansion Socket to the ReefKeeper then simply plug the device you are controlling into the Expansion Socket. It's that easy!

- Chillers (over 1/2 horse power)
- MH (600+ Watts)
- Heating systems over 600 Watts
- Any load over 600 Watts
Tech Specs
  • Power Rating: 1800W (15A)
  • Connections
  • Two AC Outlets
  • Three Prong AC Plug
  • 3' Signal (1 meter)
  • Physical Details
  • Dimensions: 4.1" x 2.2" x 2.5"
  • Package Contents
  • One Expansion Socket Module
  • One Security Screw