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Digital Aquatics LED Pod Pure Lunar White

DA LED Pod Pure Lunar White
Price: $9.99
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Digital Aquatics LED Pod Pure Lunar White
Digital Aquatics LED Pod Pure Lunar White
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POD Color Options
We offer a variety of colors in our line of lunar PODs. All PODs can be controlled by either the MLC and ALC modules and can follow either the lunar cycle or a custom timer.

The pods can be mixed and matched to give a variety of looks and functions.
Pure Lunar White
The pure lunar white POD offers the most realistic moon light environment in your tank for your fish and coral.
Nocturnal Blue
Our nocturnal blue POD will add a bit of "pop" in your coral's color at night and will add a touch of class to any system.
Midnight Red
Our midnight red POD is the perfect night time illumination for watching evening activity and spotting creatures that hide in any other light.
Tech Specs
  • Requires an MLC or ALC to operate
  • LED Color: Available in Nocturnal Blue, Lunar White and Midnight Red
  • LED Viewing Angle: 100 degrees
  • Nocturnal Blue LED Output: 240mcd per LED
  • Nocturnal Blue Wavelength: 465nm-470nm
  • Lunar White LED Output: 1000mcd per LED
  • Lunar White Wavelength: Mixed, broad spectrum white
  • Midnight Red LED Output: 200mcd per LED
  • Midnight Red Wavelength: 625nm-630nm
  • Connections
  • One Molex Connector
  • Physical Details
  • Cable Length: 6 Feet (2 Meter)
  • POD Dimensions: 0.4" x 1.7" x 0.35"
  • Package Contents
  • One Lunar POD (Color selected when purchased)