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Digital Aquatics Switch Adapter Kit

DA Switch Adapter Kit
Price: $9.99
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Digital Aquatics Switch Adapter Kit
Digital Aquatics Switch Adapter Kit
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This cable allows you to connect a variety of switch inputs up to your SL1 or SL2 switch ports. It comes in a 6' length with a clip on both ends and intended to be cut in two for use, providing up to 2 switch adapters per kit.
Positive Locking Connection
The Digital Aquatics switch inputs are a positive locking connection. This means they wont fall out or slip out when you're not around. Other brands use friction locking connections that have a high fail rate and aren't adequate for safe operation.
Tech Specs
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  • Two Molex Connectors
  • Physical Details
  • Cable Length: 6 Feet (2 Meters)
  • Package Contents
  • One Switch Adapter (Intended to be cut into two connector halves)