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Dual Lamp T5 HO 24"

Dual Lamp T5 HO 24"
Dual Lamp T5 HO 24"
T5 HO (high output) light fixture with either Marine (420/460nm and 10,000K lamps.) or Freshwater (Roseate and 6,000K lamps) options.
▪ Adjustable width aquarium frame mounts support fixture above aquarium.
▪ Single power cord makes it easy to mount on the aquarium or suspend from above.
▪ German-made specially angled individual reflectors maximize light by directing it into the aquarium.
▪ Suspension channels allow connection to optional cable for various mounting configurations.
▪ Metal attachments allow optional connection to multiple fixtures.
▪ Rated Voltage: 120 Volt AC
▪ Rated Cycle: 60 Hz
▪ Power Factor: 0.55
▪ Input Current: 0.69A
▪ Total Wattage: 48W
▪ Tc: Max 167º F
▪ Power Cord Length: 2 Meters
Price: $105.99
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