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Elos Aqua Test KH

Elos Aqua Test KH
Elos Aqua Test KH
The alkalinity of a solution refers to its capacity to buffer against drops in pH. It is a measure of the concentration of various negatively charged ionic compounds (anions) such as carbonates, bicarbonates, borates and hydroxides in the aquarium water.
The concentrations of these ions determine the buffering capacity of the water to maintain a proper pH.
If the percentage of the hydrogen carbonate and carbonate ions are too low, the pH value of the water may drop severely (acidity drop) causing a life threatening condition for many plants, invertebrates and fish.

The ideal value of KH in aquarium is:
- for saltwater aquariums 7 dKH° to 10 dKH°
- planted freshwater aquarium 3 dKH° to 7 dKH°

Because of the importance of KH, testing it with an accurate test kit is a must.

ELOS AquaTest KH, as well as all the other titrimetric test kit of this line, grants a high precision thanks to several procedures. The accuracy of a titrimetric test kit is, in fact, strictly related to the precision of the drop size (and number). In these test we use calibrated dropper with constant and predefined drops of 0.03 ml each. Even if the sides of the bottle are strongly squeezed, the dropper never dispenses more liquid than what it has been calibrated for, in a constant and predefined amount.

More than that, each production batch is validated using NIST (National Institute of Standard and Technology) certified samples in order to grant accuracy and constant results.

Test kit reagents are very delicate, their accuracy is significantly influenced by storage. For this reason we keep our stock strictly under control and we suggest, to all our retailers, t.?f?o do the same in order that on the shelves ONLY the most actual and fresh production batch is available. When you purchase a test kit be sure to check the Best Before Date.


  • High precision: thanks to the use of calibrated dropper
  • NIST validation: each batch is validated using NIST (National Institute of Standard and Technology) samples
  • "Safe reagents": reagents and testing procedures are based on Low Risk Reagents. None of our test kit are based on Toxic Reagents.
Price: $17.99
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