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Elos Carbon 500ml Marine

Elos Carbon 500ml Marine
Elos Carbon 500ml Marine
Activated carbon is a carbonaceous adsorbent with a high internal porosity, and hence a large internal surface area.
Its prime application is purification. It is its vast porous structure that allows it to catch unwanted contaminants
from the marine water. Its major treatment objective is the removal of dissolved organics as well as suspended solids and residual oxidants (such as ozone).

ELOS Carbon M is an extruded activated carbon with a number of unique characteristics that significantly outperforms other high grade commercial carbons on several aspects like total capacity to remove aquarium organic matter, rate of adsorption and duration of use, internal surface area, and accessibility of internal pores.
The pore size distribution, highly important for the practical application, have been defined to best fit the matrix (liquid) and treatment (polluted salt water) conditions.
A unique pore structure, attained by combining the right raw material and activation conditions and its very high surface area (close to 1500 m2) gives Elos Carbon M its unique characteristic in term of absorption.

ELOS Carbon M is an extruded activated carbon, which offers superior adsorption properties. Its dedicated pore size distribution makes ELOS Carbon M highly suitable for the removal of odor,organic micro pollutants, dissolved organic substances, as well as chlorine and ozone, playing an important role in achieving extremely low levels of dissolved organics.

Useful for removing organic pollutants, stains, and entrained toxic gases. it is very important in keeping saltwater from becoming yellowish thus improving the light transmission, especially at the requested short wave lengths of 380/470 nanometer.

  • does not affect the pH value: quality of carbon specific for the saltwater filtration
  • steam activated: No chemical activation or washing with phosphoric acid, zinc or hydroxides
  • does not release phosphate and nitrate
  • ideal grain shape and size to help the water circulation through the carbon mass
  • includes measuring spoon and nylon-mesh bag
Price: $24.99
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