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Elos Expert Calcium 250ml

Elos Expert Calcium 250ml
Elos Expert Calcium 250ml

Calcium is the primary building block of the corals, calms, calcareous algae and many other organisms that we grow in our aquarium. Without adequate supplies of calcium these organisms will not flourish and most,eventually, waste away and die.
The calcium demand of a tank is the amount of calcium that corals, coralline and calcareous algae remove from the system, plus the amount of calcium that is removed in other manners and also by other animals and chemical processes.

ELOS Extra Calciumis a blend of pharmaceutical grade ionic calcium, sodium carbonate and bicarbonate, which increases the calcium level in your aquarium without influencing the pH-level and without adding any undesirable by-products to the water as other similar products on the market do.
Additioned with Calcium Fix™, a unique formula to increase the long-term absorption of the ionic calcium, ELOS Extra Calcium reduces the negative influence on the ionic balance which normally occur intensively using this type of preparations.

Magnesium addition via use of ELOS Extra Magnesium is absolutely necessary. Use of ELOS Extra Trace and ELOS Combi Calcium is beneficial too.

Unlike limewater (kalkwasser), ELOS Extra Calcium™ will not alter the pH level if used in accordance with the instructions and will not deplete magnesium.

  • innovative formulation thanks to the addition of Calcium Fix
  • safely , replace and balance depleted ionic calcium
  • does not alter operation of protein skimmer
  • Phosphate & nitrate free
  • it contains no gluconates, EDTA, or other organics
  • paked in a dark brown glass jar to avoid contamination.
Price: $30.99
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