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Elos Prima Combi Calcium 05 500 mL

Elos Prima Combi Calcium 05 500 mL
Elos Prima Combi Calcium 05 500 mL
Prima Combi-Ca is an innovative integrator formulated using highly bio-available organic calcium, designed for a DOUBLE EFFECT:
•To MAINTAIN the correct level of calcium inside the tank.
•To IMPROVE in the medium term the stability of this element inside the tank.
Based on an organic complex of Calcium, it shows an higher bioavailability than an ionic formula, thus improving its assimilation by the corals, providing a rich source of metabolic energy to help maintain peak coral conditions. Prima Combi-Ca may be used in combination with
Prima Alkali to maintain calcium at the proper level, and is not intended to increase the calcium level but to improve its assimilation by the corals. If calcium becomes seriously depleted one should either perform a water change or use an ionic calcium supplement, such as ELOS Expert Calcium, to help restore calcium to an appropriate level.
Price: $17.99
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