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Extrax Phos

Extrax Phos
Extrax Phos
Advanced adsorbent of phosphate and silicate; provides rapid results. May be used on an on-going basis as part of a sensible nutrient control program. Spherical shape and porosity maximize reactive surface area; promotes reactivity and efficiency by maximizing contact time and minimizing tendancy to pack and channel water, and outperforms competing non-spherical phosphate-adsorbent media. Recommended usage is 2g of Extrax Phos per 1 US-gallon (3.8 L) in aquarium; 600 grams will adsorb up to 20mg/L phosphate in 300 US-gallons (1,136 L). Does not release phosphate, silicate, or soluble compounds into aquarium system when exhausted. Safe for use in all freshwater and marine aquaria, including freshwater planted systems and reef systems.
Price: $14.99
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