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Fauna Marin Balling Light W/ Trace B Dosing Package

Fauna Marin Balling Light W/ Trace B Dosing Package
Fauna Marin Balling Light W/ Trace B Dosing Package
Fauna Marin Balling Light Dosing Package
Price: $539.99
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This package includes:
  • Fauna Marin 3-Stage Dosing Pump
  • 2 x 1kG Magnesium Chloride Balling Salts
  • 2 x 1kG Calcium Chloride Balling Salts
  • 1 x 1kG Sodium Bicarbonate
  • 1 x 250ml Ultra Trace B Iodine
  • 1 x 250ml Ultra Trace B Strontium
  • 1 x 250ml Ultra Trace B Heavy Metal Complex


Fauna Marin User Manuals

Get Rock-Solid Ca, Mg & Alk by Dosing Only What you Need!

What, Exactly, Is Balling?

The Balling Method was pioneered by Hans-Werner Balling, a German aquarist. Balling's idea was that Calcium, Magnesium and Carbonate (Alkalinity) were the main things that were used up in closed systems. He thought that by replacing those things at the rate of their consumption, the water parameters of a closed system could be made more stable than they had ever been before.

Through the elimination of the sudden parameter changes we all impose on our tanks when changing water, and by maintaining critical elements at their optimum levels, your corals are allowed to grow and flourish - never lacking anything they require.

Why Balling?

The single biggest benefit of the Balling Method over any other supplementation method is that there are no pH issues as with Kalkwasser and calcium reactors. No matter how much Ca, Mg and Alk your system consumes, the Balling Method can supply it without any risk of a pH spike or crash.

In Germany, the Balling Method has almost replaced calcium reactors. Balling does not require the use of pressurized CO2, uses only low power dosing pumps (though you can Ball without any pumps), and the solutions are easy to mix using economical materials.

The Fauna Marin Approach to Balling.

The problem with Balling is that a lot of people try to make it more difficult than it is. Any internet search of 'balling method' will yield many varied results, each of which put itself forward as the best way. What Fauna Marin has done is create a collection of Balling Salts and Trace Minerals that take the worry and guesswork out of Balling - so you can get it right, and do it with confidence.

Fauna Marin Balling salts are pharmaceutical-grade and packaged to maintain their purity. To the base salts, they add bio-active salt stabilizers, pH buffers and trace minerals - all of which increase the stability of your water parameters. The added trace elements remain stable in solution, making them more available to your corals.

The bio-active components have the added benefits of helping to prevent your corals from browning while helping them grow and maintain optimum color.