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GEO Kalkwasser Reactor

GEO Kalkwasser Reactor
GEO Kalkwasser Reactor
Internet pricing avaliable at our brick and mortar store.
Price: $314.95
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All Cell Cast acrylic construction

* Side mount pump
* Easy fill top for kalk replacement
* Drain valve for testing and filling
* Dependable Maxi-Jet stir pump
* Use with your top off system to replace evaporated aquarium water with kalkwasser
* 7x12 foot print, 22" tall

The world famous GEO kalkwasser reactor!

Our kalk reactors are fabricated using only the finest cast acrylic materials and high quality fittings.
Designed with the user in mind, we feel these are by far the easiest reactors on the market to install, operate and maintain. Easy fill fitting on the lid for adding kalkwasser as needed. You only need to remove the lid for cleaning the reactor.

Drain valve allows you to lower water level in the reactor when adding fresh kalkwasser. You simply remove water from the reactor into a container of kalkwasser, stir it into slurry and pour it back into the reactor through the easy fill opening.

The dependable Maxi Jet stir pump mixes the powder in the chamber; there is no chance of powder exiting the reactor, even if the dosing is pumping water through the reactor as the pump is mixing.