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Giesemann 54watt T-5

Giesemann 54watt T-5
Giesemann 54watt T-5

Aquablue +

Recommended D-D marine tube is a 60/40 white/blue blend. Specifically developed to grow SPS corals down to 800cm. Suitable for salt water, reef and fresh water fish only aquariums. Ideally suited as a standalone, or in a 2:1 or 3:1 fashion, with blue or actinic supplementary lamps. This is the ultimate marine lamp.

• T5 Diameter High Output Fluorescent Lamp • 60% actinic 40% white spectrum • Color temperature approx 15,000K crisp color as stand-alone lamp


Actinic +

A mixture of 40% Actinic and 60% Blue makes even the drabbest corals stand. Great when used with 10K or 6500K metal halide lamps to encourage bluing in SPS. 450nm peak is similar to Radium Blue metal halide lamps. Other preferred ratios include 1:1 with Midday Lamps, or 2:1:1 Midday/AquaBlue +/Actinic for best blend of bluing and fluorescence.

• T5 Diameter High Output Lamp • Blue spectrum peaks at 450 nm • Supplementation lamp encourages bluing in SPS coral, minor fluorescing.


Pure Actinic

A pure actinic tube complete with all the power of the "T5" illumination. Will fluoresce corals and when blended with the HQI or Midday 6000K, brings out the maximum color. Spikes at 420 nanometers for ultimate fluorescence of capable coral. The ONLY T5 HO true actinic available on the US market.

• T5 Diameter High Output Fluorescent Lamp • Only true actinic T5 lamp made to date • Blue spectrum peaks at about 420 nm

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