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HID 150W Lamp 6,000 K

HID 150W Lamp 6,000 K
HID 150W Lamp 6,000 K
SKU: 410112
HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamps are metal halide bulbs that produce a high light output for their size—making them a compact, powerful and efficient light source. The special Aquatic Life mix of rare earth metal salts in these mercury vapor lamps produces the desired light output for a range of aquarium applications. Aquatic Life HID Lamps are available in two configurations – G12 and R7S. The G12 and R7S references the type of lamp socket in the fixture and the corresponding lamp base. Both G12 and R7S are standards in the commercial lighting industry.

The G12 lamp incorporates two pins at one end of the lamp that plug into a socket. This design allows the G12 lamp to be positioned in both vertical and horizontal positions. These lamps are common overseas and have been used in the European and Japanese markets for years.

Price: $49.99
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