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Hand Held TDS Meter

Hand Held TDS Meter
Hand Held TDS Meter
TDS Meter
Price: $24.99
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 578, TDS Water Quality Meter

* This pocketsize TDS meter measures water quality in TDS (Total Dissoloved Solids). It can be use to check the performance of the R.O. system by comparing the readings from tap-water with purified water.

* 2 x 1.5V small batteries are included.

* Comes with leather carrying case.

* Range: 0 to 9990 ppm (mg/L)

* Resolution: 1 ppm

* Accuracy: + - 2%

* Temperature compensated

* Display: LCD

* Dimension: 1.2" width x 0.75" thickness x 6" height

* Auto-OFF function: turns off meter after 10 min. idle

* Hold function: freezes measurement for convenient reading and recording.