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LuXcore 400 SE Watt Metal Halide Bulbs

LuXcore 400 SE Watt Metal Halide Bulbs
LuXcore 400 SE Watt Metal Halide Bulbs
LuXcore 400W Bulbs
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Obtain superior color and growth with these new Performance Series metal halide lamps. LuXcore quality constructed metal halide lamps offer optimum output and stable color output.

The LuXcore Super Daylight 10,000 Kelvin lamp is designed for when coral growth is of top priority. This particular warmer spectrum lamp has a pleasing element of blue color to help balance the lamps warmer nature giving it a bright white appearance.  You will enjoy the intense light quality of the 10k LuXcore Super Daylight for growing a wide range of corals, especially harder to keep shallow water species.


The LuXcore Ultra Marine Glow 20,000 Kelvin lamp is designed to bring out the vibrant colors and tones from your corals and fish. This lamp halters great par for its cooler spectrum rivaling many other lamps on the market. You now can run a cooler 20k lamp and not sacrifice growth in the process. The LuXcore 20k  will offer the most pleasing aesthetic color and high par output that easily makes this lamp a great choice for reefkeepers that like to show off their corals natural beauty.

 LuXcore20,000k 250w Lamp  LuXcore Ultra Marine Glow 20k 250w spectral Plot
 LuXcore 20,000k 400w Lamp  LuXcore Ultra Marine Glow 20k 400w spectral Plot
 LuXcore10k 250w Metal Halide Lamp  LuXcore Super Daylight 10k Metal Halide 250w spectral plot
 LuXcore10k 400w Metal Halide Lamp  LuXcore Super Daylight 10k Metal Halide 400w spectral plot