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Neuco Deep Blue Star 20K SE 250W Halide Bulb

Neuco Deep Blue Star 20K SE 250W Halide Bulb
Neuco Deep Blue Star 20K SE 250W Halide Bulb
Neuco Deep Blue Star SE 250W 20K
Price: $84.99
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We are excited to now have the new Deep Blue Star 20K metal halide lamps in stock.  These 20,000k Deep Blue Star lamps are perhaps the finest 20k metal halide lamps on the market even rivaling the coloration of the popular 20k Radium lamp.

The excellent lighting engineers over at Neuco developed the Deep Blue Star lamp to provide a quality 20k lamp that will hold its quality blue spectrum  long-term.  The Deep Blue Star 20K contains very high percentage of a refined blue spectrum to bring out the fluorescent pigments in corals displaying the fascinating colors of your reef inhabitants. We feel this new German lamp has substantial improvements over other bulbs found in the 20k class.  Will be available in 250w SE and DE Bases as well as a 400w SE (mogul) base.

The Deep Blue Star lamps were designed to fire on any electronic ballast. They will work on magnetic ballasts as well but color temperatures will vary and we recommend to use an electronic ballast to achieve optimal color temperature and life of the lamp.