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ORA Yellow Assessor

ORA Yellow Assessor
ORA Yellow Assessor

Yellow Assesors are not a member of the Dottyback family, but are similar to them in many ways. The Yellow Assesor is native to Australia and is a member of the Plesiopidae (Longfins) family that includes the Marine Betta (Comet). They are not nearly as aggressive or territorial as the Dottybacks, and feed on small zooplanktonic crustaceans.

They are fascinating fish that exhibit unusual behavior. In nature, as well as in the reef tank, they can often be found swimming upside down. This is an adaptation used in their habitat where they’re usually found in caves or under ledges. Creating a similar habitat in the aquarium will allow them to exhibit this unique swimming behavior.

The Yellow Assessor will not bother invertebrates in the reef aquarium and will accept most frozen and dry prepared foods.

Price: $49.99
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