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Pocket Guide to Marine Invertebrates

Pocket Guide to Marine Invertebrates
Pocket Guide to Marine Invertebrates

By Dr. Ron Shimek
Profiling some of the most beautiful and bizarre animals that make their way into marine aquariums, this second entry into the bestselling PocketExpert Series covers more than 500 species and groups of special interst to reef aquarists. Written by an invertebrate zoologist and avid marine aquarist. More than 500 world-class color identifying photgraphs. Easy-to-use field guide format

Scientifc and Common Names
Maximum Size
Natural Habitat
Foods and Feeding
Reef Aquarium Compatibility
Captive Care advice

Covers: crustaceans (shrimps, crabs lobsters); corals (soft and stony); anemones; echonoderms (crinoids, sea star, brittle stars, urchins, sea cucumbers); mollusks (clams, snails, nudibranchs); sponges; bryozoans; worms; and many others

448 Pages

Price: $29.99
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