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ROWAphos Phosphate Remover 250ml

ROWAphos Phosphate Remover 250ml
ROWAphos Phosphate Remover 250ml
SKU: 728605
You can now feed your fish and not your algae!
ROWA®phos is the professional way to control nuisance algae in freshwater & marine aquariums, ponds and lakes.
It adsorbs phosphate, silicate and heavy metals from the water column without releasing any back into the tank when fully loaded.

It can be left indefinitely in the aquarium with no ill effects and only changed when exhausted.

ROWA®phos is highly recommended for use from day 1 when starting up an aquarium as it removes phosphates and silicates from the substrate or live rock and reduces the likelihood of a severe algae bloom during the cycling period.

Use of ROWA®phos in an aquarium allows much higher fish stocking with healthy feeding levels without causing excessive nuisance algae’s.

Using a patented manufacturing process Rowa® has produced a unique iron hydroxide based compound which is unlike any other iron based product on the market. It has a distinct crystal structure and high porosity/surface area which gives it an unrivalled ability to bind phosphates to its surface.

Its black color indicates pure iron hydroxide whereas alternative dry products are a rust brown color indicating high levels of iron oxides which do not have the same capacity for binding phosphates.

Absorption capacity of ROWA®phos is 25g of phosphate per kg of media.
Price: $24.95
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