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Rainbow Rose Bubble Tip Anemone

Rainbow Rose Bubble Tip Anemone
Rainbow Rose Bubble Tip Anemone
Entacmaea quadricolor
Price: $49.99
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Please be aware that these Anemones are not always available or in-stock. If we are out of stock we will contact you to let you know if, and how quickly we can get one. You will have the option to wait until we receive one or we can refund this part, or all of your order.

Bulb Anemones do well with strong lighting and medium currents. They will sting other corals, fish, and invertebrates. This anemone hosts a wide variety of clownfish in the wild and in captivity often A. ocellaris. They should be offered meaty foods when no clownfish are present and hosting. Sizing between 4" - 7".