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Reef BioFuel 500ml

Reef BioFuel 500ml
Reef BioFuel 500ml
Helps maintain a balanced nutrient-limited marine aquarium by enabling the hobbyist to enhance the rate of microbial growth and reproduction, increasing the rate of phosphate-reduction and denitrification; this is of particular benefit in heavily-stocked, well-fed reef aquaria. Replaces "vodka method" of microbial activity-enhancement with a completely safe and biologically-sound non-flammable alternative to using vodka or ethanol. Indirectly benefits corals and other suspension-feeding invertebrates by encouraging reproduction of bacterioplankton (an important food source for suspension-feeding invertebrates). Encourages polyp-extension in all corals. May be used to help expedite biological filtration in new set-ups.
Active Ingredients
Proprietary blend of ACS-grade organic carbon sources.
Price: $14.99
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