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Reverse Osmosis 60GPD Deluxe

Reverse Osmosis 60GPD Deluxe
Reverse Osmosis 60GPD Deluxe
SKU: 540085
Reverse Osmosis/ Deionization unit removes harmful substances such as heavy metal ions and total dissolved solids from tap water.
▪ Removes most harmful substances from tap water.
▪ Top-loading canister makes replacing cartridges easy.
▪ Manual membrane flush valve.
▪ Optimal Water Pressure: 60 psi
▪ Maximum Water Pressure: 100 psi
▪ Optimal Water Temperature: 25o C (77o F)
▪ Maximum Water Temperature: 40.5o C (105o F)
▪ Typical Rejection Rate: 1:5.6
Aquatic Life  Reverse Osmosis Professional Water Purification Systems Comparison Chart
Price: $209.99
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