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Sustainable Aquatics Blackfoot Clown

Sustainable Aquatics Blackfoot Clown
Sustainable Aquatics Blackfoot Clown

Amphiprion nigripes

Wild-collected Blackfoot clowns have a poor reputation for succumbing to handling/shipping stress and have nervous dispositions. Blackfoot clowns coming from the ocean generally suffer from disease when brought into captivity. SA-bred Blackfoot clowns are disease-free, exhibit a peaceful disposition, and maintain a nice bright peach color. Having been born and raised in captivity, we have found them to ship and acclimate well to the environment and foods of the retail setting and home aquarium.

Sustainable Aquatics is able to breed this species in volume and offer them to the retailer at a price far less than that of wild-collected specimens.

Blackfoot clowns grow to a maximum of a little over 4”; SA typically ships at a size of ~2” total length. This is a species that makes an interesting and unique offering to the aquarist.
Price: $29.99
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