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The Coral Reef Aquarium: From Inception to Completion

The Coral Reef Aquarium: From Inception to Completion
The Coral Reef Aquarium: From Inception to Completion
A comprehensive guide that puts in perspective all the details a beginning or advanced hobbyist needs when planning a small or a giant reef aquarium. With detailed illustrations & diagrams and featuring a large collection of some of the most spectacular reef aquariums ever created from all over the world. 272 pages, hardcover.

Tony's over brimming enthusiasm, knowledge and charm is just contagious and packaged in a style that can only be described as Tonyesque. It just permeates throughout this book as he walks the reader though the complete process from concept, design, planning, and final decision making to the actual building of reef aquariums ranging in size from nano to mega scale.

The second half of the book showcases a gallery of some of the most spectacular coral reef aquariums from around the world, coupled with information sections that provide a snapshot of each system s features and care. It s a visual treat for all reef aquarists, filled with outstanding examples of passionate reef keepers who have created a magnificent slice of the reef in their homes.

Tony has truly delivered on the concept and created a unique book that provides something tangible for a wide range of aquarists from beginner to advanced. Read it, be inspired, and learn through the many illustrated examples.

Price: $44.99
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