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Tunze Turbelle Stream 6065

Tunze Turbelle Stream  6065
Tunze Turbelle Stream 6065
Price: $115.90
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Turbelle® stream

Eco-energetic and extremely silent

Eco-energetic and extremely silent

Turbelle® stream is a powerful propeller pump with the special 90mm (3.5 in.) ball design for water circulation in aquariums or tanks. 3D adjustable and compact despite its strong power; it contains innovative technical solutions and adapts to the aquarium without affecting the existing biotope.

Propeller technology

Low motor heat

3D adjustment

Includes Magnet Holder

Includes Silence clamp

Non-controllable synchronous motor pumps

Turbelle® stream 6065

Turbelle® stream 6065

For aquariums from 250 to 800 litres (65 to 210 USgal.)
Flow rate: abt. 6.500l/h (1,700 USgal./h)
Energy consumption: 12W
Voltage / frequency: 230V/50Hz (115V/60Hz)
Cable length: 2m (78 in.)
Dimensions: diam. 90mm (3.5 in.)
Ejection: diam. 50mm (1.96 in.)
Magnet Holder with Silence clamp up to a glass thickness of 15mm (1/2")

Instructions for use