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UF-20 Universal Media Reactor

UF-20 Universal Media Reactor
UF-20 Universal Media Reactor

Crystal clear displays are always the goal of any aspiring Reef Hobbyist. As mainstays of the hobby, Activated Carbons and Phosphate Absorbing Medias go a long way towards the fulfillment of this goal by absorbing many of the impurities that accumulate in the water column. Incorporating these medias into the systems has traditionally been accomplished with the aid of filter bags and/or cartridges. However, this is far from being the most effective means of utilizing these products as the medias compact, flow-through declines and the surface area contact becomes compromised. Vertex™ Universal Media Reactors provide a practical solution by fluidizing the given medias, thereby eliminating the problem of compaction and allocating complete control of flow-through to the user.


Vertex™ Universal Media Reactors feature our Quick-Lock Screw top which eliminate the need to remove screws in order to open the reactor for media exchange. The acrylic lid settles into a seated O-ring, allowing for leak-free seal and effortless removal. To make installation a breeze all necessary parts are supplied in order to hard-plumb the unit or connect via soft hose. Furthermore any necessary flow adjustment is possible using the high quality Valve supplied.


Reliable and functional design, assembled with high quality cast acrylic; Vertex™ Universal Media Reactors represent a constant endeavor to increase value without sacrificing quality.

Exclusive Features

  • Quality cast-acrylic construction for long life
  • Quick-Lock screw top
  • True Union connections
  • Soft Hose connections
  • True Union Ball Valve

Technical Data

  • Footprint 5" x 5"
  • Height 23½"
  • Media Chamber height 20"
  • Media Chamber diameter 4"
Price: $109.99
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