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UV Lighting 48" HO Lamps

UV Lighting 48" HO Lamps
UV Lighting 48" HO Lamps
75.25™ Professional Series The first of its kind to offer 75%/25% combination of Actinic and Tri-band phosphors. Upgrade for all aquaculture and marine life. • Best used for saltwater tanks with live coral • 75% Actinic 03 & 25% Tri-Band Phosphor • Adds vital Life Supporting Properties • 460NM • Useful Life 4500 hours.
Aquasun™ Professional Series The best technologically advanced aquarium lamp containing a mixture of unique triband phosphors. Excellent for all marine applications, hard coral, plants, fresh water, and salt water tanks. • 100% Tri-Band White Spectrum • Useful Life 4500 hours.
Super Actinic™ Professional Series Super Actinic is the most widely used aquarium lamp on the market. 100% blue spectrum. Great for reef applications and coral enhancement. • 100% Blue Spectrum, Peaks at 420NM. • Useful Life 4500 hours.
Actinic White™ Professional Series Actinic white is the first of its kind to offer a 50/50 combination on triband and actinic phosphors. Actinic White is a high performance upgrade, great for coral, live rock, and related marine life. • 50% Actinic 03 / 50% Tri-Band White Spectrum • Useful Life 4500 hours.
454™ Professional Series The “Ultra Blue” 454 lamp is made of 85% 454nm and 15% 420nm spectrums. The look is undeniably blue which adds depth to any aquarium large or small. Makes more vibrant colors appear. Great supplement lamp to any aquarium. • Used for soft & hard corals. • 50% Actinic 03 & 50% Tri-band phosphors adds color enhancements. • Useful Life 4500 hours.
Indigo Sun™ Professional Series With a crisp White look and a slight blue hue this lamp is made of 50% 454nm and 50% triband White phosphors. Will add dimension and simulates a natural reef appearance. • 100% Blue spectrum, peaks at 420nm. • Blue Chlorophyll absorption utilized in natural photosynthesis. • Useful Life 4500 hours.
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