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Vertex Refractometer

Vertex Refractometer
Vertex Refractometer
****LARGE, EASY TO READ SCALE**** For the most precise measurement of salinity, the experts use a Refractometer. This high-tech instrument is used to measure salinity when perfect conditions are needed for breeding, or keeping very delicate corals. This easy-to-use and read device will allow you to keep track of your tank's salinity fluctuations. This instrument also features ATC, automatic temperature compensation that will allow the Refractometer to gauge an accurate measurement in a range of temperatures. Simply look through the eyepiece to measure. Size: Unit is 8" long x 1" diameter.

BRA has found that the ATC feature on these refractometers is less than accurate. If your unit is at room temp and your tank water is around 75-80 degrees F this unit is accurate. If you need a more accurate refractometer please look at the D-D Solutions or Barrier Reef units.
Price: $49.99
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