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Ebo Jager 12" 125 watt Heater

Ebo Jager 12" 125 watt Heater
Ebo Jager 12" 125 watt Heater
With a new improved design, this automatic aquarium heater is for both fresh and saltwater aquariums. Unit has a precision bi-stable thermostat with plus or minus 1/2 degree F holding temperature. The temperature setting is an easy to adjust control dial with accurate 1" increments from 65 to 93 degrees. Ebo Jagers have a 2mm thick thermal shock resistant glass vs the common 1mm thickness for and extra sturdy construction. Heater also includes a 6 foot double insulated power cord, and a convenient clip-on heater holder.

Aquarium Size Suggested Wattage
10-15 Gallons 50 Watts
15-20 Gallons 75 Watts
20-30 Gallons 100 Watts
30-45 Gallons 125 Watts
40-60 Gallons 150 Watts
60-90 Gallons 200 Watts
90 Gallons and Up 250 Watts

This heater is not completely submersible.

12" long

Product is warranted for 1 Year against defects in material and workmanship.
Price: $23.99
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