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Welcome to Barrier Reef Aquariums. We, the owners, and our staff have a long-standing passion for coral reefs and reef aquariums. We are excitedabout our new online store in addition to our retail location in Renton, Washington. Barrier Reef is proud to offer some of the rarest and most sought after corals and frags. Our featured product lines include Elos, ATI Bubble Master Protein Skimmers, Geo Calcium Reactors, CoralVue & Helios Halide Bulbs, ATB Cone Skimmers, Bubble King Skimmers, KZ T-5'sand Tunze Products. New shipments arrive weekly, so please come back and visit often!
Buy 3 Get 1 Free Special Until October 11th, 2010
We have too many corals. Just order 4 corals and we will refund the least expensive coral's value back to your card when your order is processed!
*Free Shipping is offered on our small box. We will discount your shipping if you need an oversize box.
Barrier Reef Aquarium's Online Store pricing is not representative of what you will find at our physical location. Prices, specials, and availability will vary.
Product of the Month!
Show product details for Captive Bred Banggai Cardinal

Captive Bred Banggai Cardinal

Price $29.99

1" Pterapogon kauderni Captive Bred Banggai Cardinalfish

Featured Products

Cell Phone Gel Filters 10 Pack

Cell Phone Gel Filters 10 Pack

Price $5.99

Orange Ricordea

Orange Ricordea

Price $24.99

ORA Borealis Acropora

ORA Borealis Acropora

Price $69.99

Duncan's Whisker Coral

Duncan's Whisker Coral

Price $14.99