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3D Aquarium Blu-Ray

3D Aquarium Blu-Ray
3D Aquarium Blu-Ray
3D Blu-Ray Video
Price: $19.99
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Six different salt water reef tanks with over 220 different species of fish, anemones, clams, crab, shrimp and corals were filmed using the DepthQ® Stereoscopic 3D rig outfitted with two RED ONE 4K digital cinema cameras and captured & mastered at 4096x2304 resolution to create the 6 different chapters. Crystal clear, ultra sharp imagery combined with deep, comfortable 3D and 3 different 5.1 HD Audio soundtracks create an incredibly immersive experience that is beautiful, compelling and fun.

Aquariums were provided by Barrier Reef Aquariums in Renton, WA ( See a quick behind the scenes video here.