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Book Of Coral Propagation Vol. 1 Edition 2 by Anthony Calfo - Hard Cover

Book Of Coral Propagation Vol. 1 Edition 2 by Anthony Calfo - Hard Cover
Book Of Coral Propagation Vol. 1 Edition 2 by Anthony Calfo - Hard Cover
Now in its sixth printing, the second edition of this pioneer publication is full-format (8.5" X 11") and fully illustrated (~1000 images) and available now in a blaze of color with dramatic images! The Book of Coral Propagation is the most comprehensive work on the care, display and cultivation of reef corals at every level of interest. Beginners receive thorough guidance, expert aquarists learn new tricks... and all folks are inspired to contribute with enjoyment to the conservation, keeping and culture of magnificent reef creatures in educational aquaria and commercial systems alike. Make your aquarium a learning center.
A comprehensive, fully illustrated 400 page guide to the complete care and culture of live coral and reef invertebrates for hobbyists of all skill levels and professionals too!
Giant Clams spawning at sunset, baby reef fish living to adulthood among the roots of red mangrove trees, Cassiopeia jellyfish growing from larvae under the warm rays of the sun, and corals littering the seafloor with daughter colonies. Do these events sound like marvels of the coral reef to you? Indeed, they are some of the wonders that have occurred in the facilities of author, Anthony Rosario Calfo. And they are just some of the exciting miracles of nature that have been repeated by aquarists worldwide as described here.
Told in comfortable and concise language, this handbook reads more like a story with moments of humor, passages of instruction and dialogues of open wonder at the many unrevealed mysteries of the coral realm.
This book is for curious minds interested in discovering some of the exciting techniques for keeping and growing coral in reef aquariums. It is tailored for hobbyists looking to successfully control coral growing in aquaria, professional aquarists producing invertebrates for sale and trade, and thoughtful retailers interested in inspiring customers and staff to explore the many rewards of keeping coral reef invertebrates.
Price: $39.99
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