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Captive Bred Cinnamon Clown

Captive Bred Cinnamon Clown
Captive Bred Cinnamon Clown

The Cinnamon Clownfish that ORA sells is also referred to as the Coral Sea Clownfish and originates in New Caledonia. They have a black saddle on a red body, yellow or orange dorsal, ventral and caudal fins and a blue head stripe. In juveniles the head stripe is white. As adults, they are one of the most multi-colored clownfish. Cinnamon Clownfish from other areas of the Pacific generally are only red and black, with white or blue head stripes

They are similar in behavior and reproduction to the Tomato Clownfish (A. frenatus), and the females can grow up to 3.5 inches. As adults they may demonstrate the common aggressiveness found in any of the larger clownfish species. The nest sizes average about 250 eggs and larval periods are similar to the Tomato Clownfish.

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