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Elos Omega - Amino Acids 90 mL

Elos Omega - Amino Acids 90 mL
Elos Omega - Amino Acids 90 mL
We have first discover, after several test, that in closed systems some species of corals (mainly SPS) could significantly benefit from a reduced addition of organic additives combined with a selective integration of amino acids. Based on these researches we have introduced to the market Elos OMEGA: the first amino acid based product available to the aquarium market.
Introduced in 1997 it is still the best product available. Based on the original researches of our laboratory, its unique formula is made to supply all the necessary amino acids and vitamins into the water and therefore really substitutes the function of zoo-plankton also in the aquarium. It contains several amino acids, in the correct proportions, in a composition very closed to the one found in coral skeletons.
Elos OMEGA is the ultimate additive to recreate the water conditions in and around natural coral reefs. It delivers 17 important marine amino acids necessary also for the absorption and utilization of calcium. Once supplying Elos OMEGA your corals will significantly reduce their need of live food and this will significantly reduce the level of dissolved organics and also nitrogenous waste as a by-product of protein metabolism.
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