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Frank's Tanks F-Aiptasia 1OZ

Frank's Tanks F-Aiptasia 1OZ
Frank's Tanks F-Aiptasia 1OZ
F-Aiptasia 1OZ
Price: $13.99
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Used to encapsulate and eradicate pest Aiptasia, Majano, and Vermitid Snails. Turn off your flow during application. Use the included stir stick to mix the paste before use. If the product is too hard, use a drop or two of RO/DI water to loosen. Product should be thick! Encapsulate the pest and allow product to harden. Turn your pumps back on after 30 minutes. You can either leave the encapsulated pest in the tank or pull it out after a couple days. Use care not to drop product on living coral tissue. Straight and angled applicator tips included with the syringe.